Re: how to record audio from the computer with no mic pluggedin sure could use some help.

Sarah k Alawami

Agreed. I started with gold wave for my sound engineering career, then went to audacity, then sonar,, , then garage band, and now reaper. So I do agree with david 100 percent. Start with a big program such as gw then work your way up to what ever.

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I think that it's important to respect a person's choice of software for what works well for them even if it's not a choice we would make for ourselves. In this case, Goldwave may well be the preferred piece of software for simple recording for some users. It might not necessarily be the first choice for that task we might think of recommending to someone but people use what works for them and we need to respect that. Someone might choose to use Microsoft Word to jot down and print their shopping list. We might feel that there are better options for that task. We might be tempted to recommend Jarte or even Notepad for what to us might seem like a simple task. However, if a user wants to use Word for that task then they have every right to do so and it's not for us to decide whether using Word for that purpose is the most appropriate choice for that user. Indeed, I could argue for that user by saying that the additional features of Word will always be available if or when they decide to branch out into more complex writing tasks. When that time comes they will already have learned the basics of Word and can therefore advance by learning how to use additional features in a program they already know on a basic level. If I choose to use Goldwave to read text into a microphone then that choice may work best for me. Perhaps I may discover other features contained within the program that I wasn't initially planning to use but which may cause me to be curious enough to experiment. I would personally prefer to learn about sound editing from one program rather than starting out with simple tasks on a more basic program and then learning a whole new piece of software when I want to try my hand with more advanced tasks. That approach may work well for many people and I think it's important to consider that. I've heard that in mainstream public schools they're teaching Powerpoint to fourth graders. They don't necessarily start out with a special program knowing that some kids might only use it for basic tasks. Kids are learning Office at a young age, starting out with basic tasks but working their way up to intermediate and advanced features. It's much more practical to learn all of these tasks on one program rather than forcing them to change over to another program later on. This is why many blind children start out with JAWS as their screen reader, rather than being taught NVDA and Narrator. You might start out by using JAWS to perform basic screen reading tasks. However, if a student finds that he needs more than the basics he can stay with the same screen reader and learn more as he needs to or wishes to.

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If you are saying that Gold Wave is the program of choice for simple recording and editing and that's all it will be used for, that isn't the case.  For people with more complex needs, Gold Wave may be a good choice.  But not for someone who just says, I want to do some recording.  There are much more simple programs and in addition, regarding editing, Goldwave is definitely not the program to use to edit existing MP3 files.  It reencodes the files and causes a loss of quality.  There is no one best recording program.  It depends what you are going to use it for. 
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GoldWave is a fully functional demo allowing you to use all features.  The only draw back if you don’t register it is that every time you enter it you get the GoldWave introduction, no big deal!


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Goldwave isn't free and there is no reason to use it for simple recording and editing.  I'll look at the program I'm going to send tomorrow and make sure what the options are.  The options may be all you need.  Or, you may need to learn to change sound card settings to record using a line-in input.  But just what do you want to record?  Do you want to record from a physical radio or record a radio stream that is streaming online?  What sorts of other things do you want to record?



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What options do you have in goldwave under the options, control properties, device tab?

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  Hello. Does anyone know of any audio recording software that works with NVDA with no mic attached to the computer? I want to record a lot of internal stuff from my computer with no mic attached. I have tried audacity with everything they suggested when reading the user guide to make it work no such luck since am using windows 10. Lets just say if I want to record a radio station or anything from my computer what type of program could I use with NVDA? I have heard of total recorder and gold wave would those programs work since I do have everything up to date and I did check in the recording section and I have no stereo mics on my sound card. Have any of you used sound tap or any apps with in the app store to get anything to work with NVDA? I have tried everything with the line in jack nothing. Or maybe I am not setting it up right. Any suggestions would be excellent. Thank you.
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