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Isaac Porat


Firstly Java is still (and will be there for a long time) one of the top three most used languages; Java had security problems being used as a browser plugin (as Applet) a few years ago and not used in this way any more, as a desktop application its use is limited.

However it is one of the major forces in server side programming and the Android OS which takes over 90% of the mobile space.

Now to your problem:

As mentioned to ensure JAB support install both the 32 and 64 bits versions of Java.

The following link explains what you need to do.

Note that if all goes well the JAB which is included with the Java JDK is configured during installation, if it does not work

look here:

The easiest way to test if it configured properly is to try to navigate the Java control panel which is installed with java, if you can navigate it, it is installed properly.

(just search for it in Windows)

Now to learning Java.

I do not use IntelliJ but AndroidStudio which is basically the former configured for Android so I suspect they work pretty much the same.

If the JAB is configured properly you should get basic navigation but for better results you need to enable accessibility, have a look at IntelliJ accessibility page.

(you might need sighted assistance to do this, it takes a minute)

If you want to learn Java you might like to use Eclipse, IDE it is written in Java but it wraps standard Windows widgets so does not need the JAB at all.

Finally, you are probably better asking at the NVDA development mailing list as more people are likely to give you sensible answers.

Good luck


On 05/01/2019 06:43, farhan israk wrote:
I want to learn java. For this reason I installed jdk and intelliJ ide.
But,after opening intelliJ ide, I'm not able to navigate. If I press tab or
aero keys nvda doesn't say anything. Got same result with object
navigation. Nvda doesn't say anything. Now, what can I do?

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