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I had two encounters with a message from Water Fox asking me to update my Java.  I ignored it.  Should I update?  Is it needed?





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My only brush with Java is in the Arduino I D E (integrated development environment,  Jaws will not read it.  Even after installing Java access bridge.  After switching over to NVDA I found that it would.  I did not uninstall Java access bridge so I must assume it is still on my computer.



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Haven't used Java applications in a long time, but i seem to recall that you need to install a program called Java Access Bridge, which facilitates interaction between java and screen readers.




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I want to learn java. For this reason I installed jdk and intelliJ ide. But,after opening intelliJ ide, I'm not able to navigate. If I press tab or aero keys nvda doesn't say anything. Got same result with object navigation. Nvda doesn't say anything. Now, what can I do?

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