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I did not use this particular IDE but used Eclipse and more recently AndroidStudio both also written in Java.

I did not use Jaws for some years but at the time Java support was very poor, NVDA support is much better.

As long as you have Java installed the Java access bridge comes with it, no need to install it separately.

Sometimes for some reason it is not activated and needs to be activated manually.

Unlike the poor advice given in another message, the java updater places a message on the tray when a new version is available and if you need java, always update.

None of the browser need Java they are mostly written in C / C++.

The various security risks when running Java in the browser where fixed  few years ago and if I am not mistaken from Java version 9 add ons are not supported anymore.



On 05/01/2019 16:50, MAX wrote:
My only brush with Java is in the Arduino I D E (integrated development environment, Jaws will not read it. Even after installing Java access bridge. After switching over to NVDA I found that it would. I did not uninstall Java access bridge so I must assume it is still on my computer.

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Haven't used Java applications in a long time, but i seem to recall that you need to install a program called Java Access Bridge, which facilitates interaction between java and screen readers.


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I want to learn java. For this reason I installed jdk and intelliJ ide. But,after opening intelliJ ide, I'm not able to navigate. If I press tab or aero keys nvda doesn't say anything. Got same result with object navigation. Nvda doesn't say anything. Now, what can I do?

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