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Rosemarie Chavarria

In the newer versions of windows it's called programs and features.

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uninstall it like the other programs in control panel.
ad or remove programs or something like this, in the newer versions of windows.

On 6/10/16, valiant8086 <> wrote:

I don't know how uninstalling CCleaner could have caused this. Try
uninstalling speakDropbox and then installing the latest version again.
You don't need to manually delete folders or anything like that. The
goal of reinstallation is to get it to re-add the dll files that
handle speech in the hopes that'll straighten it out. Another possible
explanation would be that it thinks you have other screen readers
running too, although in that case it probably would still default to
JAWS as highest priority. Have you rebooted the computer yet?

Cheers, Aaron Spears, general Partner - Valiant Galaxy Associates
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6/10/2016 10:05 AM, Jenine Stanley wrote:
Sadly, this new update didn’t effect my issue with web pages at all,
not that it was supposed to do so, but I was hopeful.

I too don’t use the grammar feature but I love the spell check sound.
Saves me a lot of time on email creation.
Jenine Stanley

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