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Sam Bushman

Ok, I figured it out. For some reason when weather plus downloads it changes the name to .zip. You need to rename it back to .nvda-addon.

Once this is done you can just doubleclick on it to install.




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There is no update for this under the standard way of updating using preferences/weather plus/check for update.  Neither is it listed under the much vaunted and revised add on updater.


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Hi Sarah,


You can do this, with Weather Plus, you can manage a list of cities.








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Nice. Is there a way to include a list of locations? I normally check 3-5 locations for weather to keep an eye on my friends and family in said locations. I just grabbed the add on and will install it as soon as I can.

Take care

On 1 Jan 2019, at 6:45, Adriano Barbieri via Groups.Io wrote:

Good morning and happy new Year to every one,

Changes in this version:
#Changes in the Weather Plus Settings window:
•Added new checkbox;
"Use only weather effects";
This allows you to filter out all other environmental effects.
•Improved random playback and added 71 new sound effects;
You will need to update them by clicking twice in "enable audio effects"
check box.
•The volume type assigned by the user, between the general and current audio
volume, now is maintained when the configuration is saved.
•Removed useless sound during selection text in edit box by pressing
•Improved readability into help window invokable with F1 function key.
•Added new compatibility flag for NVDA 2019.1, and the current alpha
Weather Plus can update alone, however, it is possible to download manually
from the following links:
or from page:
or from page:
Make sure that the extension of the downloaded file is correct, otherwise
rename it in .nvda-addon.

Adriano Barbieri

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