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This sounds like the old zoon level bug to me. If you get into the habit of setting zoom level to 200, I find that word then defaults to one page per screen and you can cursor around by just going down.
I'm guessing here that this issue has something to do with browse and focus modes where one goes to three as two is up and left, but I still do not like this way that nvda does things as it can mean you need to customise word every time.
Surely if this were to follow, one would end up cursoring left into page 2, but that does not happen does it?
If anyone out there would care to comment on this issue it would be good. Unfortunately this is the last message in my inbox so if others are out there they may well explain further, in which case thanks in advance!

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Hi all,

I recently had to reinstall windows and office on this computer, and am
running into a rather interesting problem. Every time I get a document
sent to me and I choose to enable saving, I'm unable to move to the next
page using the arrow keys. If I was on page 1 for instance, I would skip
down to page 3. Using say all doesn't seem to have this problem. This
also happenns all be it less frequently on documents I create. I'm
running NVDA 2018.4 along with windows10 1809 64bit, and office 2019
32bit. Has anyone else come across this problem and found a solution?

Many thanks,


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