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Hi yes this email has just dropped through my time warp.
The thing is if you are writing your own documents you can of course configure word to just show one page per screen, but it seems as if when they come in from other sources they tend to use the default of two.
Myself, I'd like somebody to improve word compatibility so that view or template did not really matter.

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this is another issue ignored by the NVDA devs, which has existed for a very long time, and which also exists in adobe reader.

On 1/6/2019 5:28 PM, Daniel Wolak wrote:
Hi all,

I recently had to reinstall windows and office on this computer, and am
running into a rather interesting problem. Every time I get a document
sent to me and I choose to enable saving, I'm unable to move to the next
page using the arrow keys. If I was on page 1 for instance, I would skip
down to page 3. Using say all doesn't seem to have this problem. This
also happenns all be it less frequently on documents I create. I'm
running NVDA 2018.4 along with windows10 1809 64bit, and office 2019
32bit. Has anyone else come across this problem and found a solution?

Many thanks,


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