asking for some hints to use visualstudio 2017

Alexandre Alves Toco

Hi friends.

I am starting to use visualstudio and I would apreciate some hints.

  1. While navigating in solution explorer ( ctrl + alt + l and arrows up and down), it’s look like visualstudio is showing a preview of the file selected in that moment. So nvda reads to much. Is there any way to disable this preview?
  2. The code window is showing line numbers. It is anoying when I want to read a lot of code. Is there a way to disable this?
  3. I am confused with the find in files’s dialog. In result’s list, nvda reads the file’s path with the line where that word was found. So it’s dificult to use the result’s list. In vscode, the results are shown in a treeview in witch the files are the nodes and the contente of the matching lines are the leafs. Is there a way to get the same interface in visualstudio?
  4. If a search returned various results, what are the shortcut Keys to go to the previous and next result?




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