Re: word skipping pages

Dejan Ristic


I've faced the issue when I've handled scanned documents. In order to solve the problem, I would switch my word to the outline view, and, it would seem to satisfy me. It's happened on earlier versions of word.

One more thing:

When I find that it skips pages, I return to the page word skips from, and I'd use the right arrow to lead me to the next page, so that it won't skip.

That's what I've experienced and done as far as the skipping pages is concerned.

On 06/01/2019 22:35, Sile via Groups.Io wrote:
Do you know what a view of the document you are using? This happens to me when the document is in print view. If you set it back to normal view, it usually solves the problem for me. Sile
On Jan 6, 2019, at 1:05 PM, James AUSTIN <james.londonsw15@...> wrote:

Hi Daniel

I think the reason for your issue is because Word is set to display documents in a multi-page view by default. To correct this, I think you need to press Alt W to go the 'View' menu and then the number 1 to change to single page mode.

Sorry if my instructions are incorrect I am not able to get to Word at present.

Pleas let us know if this works.

Best wishes


On 06/01/2019 17:28, Daniel Wolak wrote:
Hi all,

I recently had to reinstall windows and office on this computer, and am
running into a rather interesting problem. Every time I get a document
sent to me and I choose to enable saving, I'm unable to move to the next
page using the arrow keys. If I was on page 1 for instance, I would skip
down to page 3. Using say all doesn't seem to have this problem. This
also happenns all be it less frequently on documents I create. I'm
running NVDA 2018.4 along with windows10 1809 64bit, and office 2019
32bit. Has anyone else come across this problem and found a solution?

Many thanks,



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