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Hi all,
Root cause found: add-on manifest and file name mismatch. The add-on manifest says add-on version is 19.01.2, whereas add-on installer name includes "-dev" suffix. Resolving this will require changes to add-ons community web server infrastructure. In the meantime, I have alerted the add-on author about this problem.

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When you open Add-ons Manager, how many entries do you see for Clock add-on? If you see two entries, chances are that the add-on installation may not have gone smoothly as we hoped. To resolve this kind of situation:
1. Open Start, type "explore NVDA user configuration directory" (without quotes) and press Enter.
2. Go to "addons" folder and open it.
3. Delete folders starting with the name "clock".
4. If File Explorer (Windows Explorer in Windows 7) says it can't delete the folder(s) because someone is using it, select Cancel, log out, log back in and repeat from step 1.
5. If things go well, restart NVDA, then reinstall Clock add-on.

Part of the problem has to do with frequent bug fix releases from the add-on author in a span of two days. I'll write a more general directive to add-ons community regarding stable releases.

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Subject: [nvda] Issue With Add ON Updater And Clock Add On

Hi Group,

For the past several days, every time I restart my system, when NVDA loads, I get a message from add on updater concerning the clock add on.
It says there is a new update. The update is always the same from 19.02 to 19.1. I dutifully grant the add on updater the permission to update and everything seems to go OK. The update is downloaded and installed and I am asked to restart NVDA. I do this, but the next time I restart my computer, the same thing happens.

Is this an issue with the clock add on or is there a bug with the add on updater?

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