Changing to G-Chrome?

David Russell <david.sonofhashem@...>

Hi NVDA Group,

I am in search of a new browser to replace use of FireFox 52. It does
not reproduce hyperlinks, and more people are telling me that only the
URL for a website appears in their email from me, not hyperlinked. As
an author, I cannot really have this occur.
Some years ago G-chrome seemed not to work that well with Jaws or NVDA
and either FireFox or Internet Exp were recommended for compatibility.
I have a Windows 7 computer, and wonder if I switch to G-Chrome, do I
get the hyperlinks insertion as automatic, and does it take time to
learn how to re-use email or the internet?
My GMail setting is for HTML.
If there is another browser option, please suggest. Thanks.
David Russell

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