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So you are using the web interface for email are you?
I never had much luck with that myself. The question is, is it in fact Firefox or is it because you are using the basic version of gmail?
Have you thought about using a client instead of webmail?
If your windows 7 is 64 bit I can say that the latest version of Firefox is working a lot better these days, but of course still has no sounds. You could try waterfox 64 as it is more like Firefox 52 but has more security fixes. Some web sites are increasingly saying its not supported so I think the author is going to lie about what version it is to get around the issue soon.

There is no real problem with older firefox versions but many sites seem to be elitist.

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Hi NVDA Group,

I am in search of a new browser to replace use of FireFox 52. It does
not reproduce hyperlinks, and more people are telling me that only the
URL for a website appears in their email from me, not hyperlinked. As
an author, I cannot really have this occur.
Some years ago G-chrome seemed not to work that well with Jaws or NVDA
and either FireFox or Internet Exp were recommended for compatibility.
I have a Windows 7 computer, and wonder if I switch to G-Chrome, do I
get the hyperlinks insertion as automatic, and does it take time to
learn how to re-use email or the internet?
My GMail setting is for HTML.
If there is another browser option, please suggest. Thanks.
David Russell

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