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My suspicion, and its gotten stronger as I consider the question, is that you are copying a web page to the clipboard and then pasting it into an e-mail message.  If that is what you are doing, your browser has nothing to do with the problem.  It's the way NVDA copies web page text to the clipboard.
Do the following:
Turn off browse mode when you are on the page you want to copy.
Use control a to select the page. 
Copy it to the clipboard with control c.  Turn browse mode on again and paste it where you want it.  Then edit it as desired.  You can't copy embedded links with Browse Mode on.  This is a screen-reader and not a browser behavior.

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I doubt that the problem is a well established browser with a long time of use by the public.  How are you sending web pages?  That is the first question? 
Using Chrome will be almost identical in terms of browsing.  Chrome, firefox, and Internet Explorer all use what used to be called MSAA, I'm not sure what it is called now, I think UIA, to display pages and to provide quick navigation commands.  The browser is working with the screen-reader to provide this form of accessibility. 
If you want to work with settings, and book marks, that will take a little learning but it won't be a major transition.  Also, why are you still using Firefox version 52?  You say it doesn't do something but it is about ten versions old.  Why not try the newest Firefox?  Try the portable version.  You can then have the old, insecure because it hasn't gotten updates for maybe a year version installed and the newest version to try as a portable version.
Whatever browser you use, I'm very suspicious that you are not sending pages in the proper way to have embedded links appear.

But also, whatever browser you use, it is a bad idea to use old versions except in specific cases such as if you want to use Webvisum with a specific site.  You would then use the current version for your other browsing.
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Subject: [nvda] Changing to G-Chrome?

Hi NVDA Group,

I am in search of a new browser to replace use of FireFox 52. It does
not reproduce hyperlinks, and more people are telling me that only the
URL for a website appears in their email from me, not hyperlinked. As
an author, I cannot really have this occur.
Some years ago G-chrome seemed not to work that well with Jaws or NVDA
and either FireFox or Internet Exp were recommended for compatibility.
I have a Windows 7 computer, and wonder if I switch to G-Chrome, do I
get the hyperlinks insertion as automatic, and does it take time to
learn how to re-use email or the internet?
My GMail setting is for HTML.
If there is another browser option, please suggest. Thanks.
David Russell

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