Re: new NVDA user with a question


Troy, to read the most current user guide, please activate the NVDA
menu (NVDA modifier + n) then h for help. You'll find a variety of
current resources there.

On 1/8/19, Troy Burnham <troyburnham34@...> wrote:
Hi all,

I installed what I assume is the latest version of NVDA, ending in a 4,
yesterday and since I've been meaning to make the jump to NVDA for quite
a while I already had some files saved to help me get started but the
help files appear to be for version 2017.2. The help files I have are an
NVDA tutorial, a basic training for NVDA file, a commands quick
reference guide, and a user guide but since the executable that's in the
same folder with these files is for NVDA 2017.2 and I have the version
ending in 4 installed I just wanted to know if the help files I have are
still compatible.



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