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the best bet is to use the updated versions of those files.

Just in case you did not know if you installed a copy of nvda and nvda is not running use the alkt key + ctrl key + the letter N to start your copy of nvda.

to get into the preferences of nvda where you can make changes use the nvda key + letter N. Under the help section will be where you will find the user manual etc. Under the settings section is where you will make most of your changes.

to quit your copy of nvda use the nvda key + letter Q

Where i refer to the modifier key this is either the insert key, the extended insert key or the caps lock key. You might of chosen one of these like the insert key then you would use the letter Q to quit your copy of nvda.

I would have to go back and see what the other question was to answer it.

Ask the questions and some one on the list will point you in the right direction.

Gene nz

On 9/01/2019 3:24 PM, Troy Burnham wrote:
Hi all,

I installed what I assume is the latest version of NVDA, ending in a 4, yesterday and since I've been meaning to make the jump to NVDA for quite a while I already had some files saved to help me get started but the help files appear to be for version 2017.2. The help files I have are an NVDA tutorial, a basic training for NVDA file, a commands quick reference guide, and a user guide but since the executable that's in the same folder with these files is for NVDA 2017.2 and I have the version ending in 4 installed I just wanted to know if the help files I have are still compatible.



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