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Yes of course, but even then one can actually edit it so it will work if displayed as html. You just have to remove the clutter that the hyperlink coding and the ascii coding show up as. I suspect though that most using a client need to set up as.
reply to messages in the format they were sent, but send new messages in text. In the majority of cases the means forwarded messages have the links intact, but new ones you write may not unless you are careful pasting in a link. I always give them a line of their own.
Also of course in the main, if a link does not work surely the person the other end is capable of highlighting the link copying it to the pad and then pasting it into the address bar of their browser.
I think the emails that annoy me the most are those which have no obvious links if read, ie they may say we at blogs and co have made it ultra simple for you to use our chicken plucking machine, where the link is actually the words made it simple or some other silly selection.

Bah humbug I say.

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I say the following without any intent of being snarky: There is operator error going on here, somewhere.

I use Gmail's web interface (full, not basic HTML, but that shouldn't matter) along with Firefox, Chrome, and, at times, Edge and one can copy and paste a hyperlink in "click through text" format without any difficulty.

It's a matter of figuring out where, precisely, something's gone amiss. This sort of thing can and does happen if either the sender or the recipient uses any method to force their messages to plain text.


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