Jetbrains IDEs - improving speech and focus. #addonrelease #addontesting


Dear Everyone,
I recently started using Jetbrains IDEs. I think that they are very good in terms of accessibility, for Jetbrains provides a specific enhanced mode for screen readers.
However there are minor interactions, which are not convinient for constant use.
1. While code completion works fantastically well, the bug can be described as follows:
* Whenever I accept a completion item: a variable / property / function, and the editor gains focus, NVDA is always reading the name property of the editor class provided by the Java Access Bridge,
* For example: "Editor for <name of the currently opened file>, and then continues with the trest of the focused content, or reports inserted item.
2. I tried to create a simple appmodule, which checks if the controle type is of type: ROLE_EDITABLETEXT and then cancel speech, but suddenly inserted items are not being reported, the line content is not visible on the Braille display, and code completion stopped working...

The code is as follows:
class AppModule(appModuleHandler.AppModule):
def event_focusEntered(self, obj, nextHandler):
if obj.role == controlTypes.ROLE_EDITABLETEXT:

I import Java Access Bridge objects, NVDA objects and behaviors. The edit control is the one without autoselect detection.

I am seaking help in creating the fix for this too verbose announcements. I must say that this IDE is much better when it comes to coding than Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code. Jetbrains has products for different languages, but they use a common shell, just ike Eclipse does, so it would be a fantastic tool for blind developers.

Thank you for your help in advance...

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