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There are flatbed scanners designed specifically for scanning books, called book scanners.  I'm not sure how much they cost but they won't damage the spine of the book.  You can use a flatbed scanner to scan books, whidch isn't a book scanner and it will work well if it’s a reasonable quality one and those are much cheaper.  But you will damage the spines of books, they will become slanted and you may get less money when reselling books.  I haven't looked at scanner brands and models for a long time so I won't say much about that.  Epson was and I think still is, a popular scanner among blind people.  The models blind people bought were in the Perfection series, thus Epson Perfection and then whatever specific scanner you want in that line.

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Subject: [nvda] Need help scanning books

Hello guys!
I had a Lex scanner, which broke recently. It is a specialized scanner for scanning books and documents for blind people. It's basically a camera on a inverted 'L' shaped stand, looks like a table lamp.

Now, since I scan books and documents often for my school work, I need something else. Can't afford the same scanner, it's reasonably costly. Can you guys suggest something? some affordable scanner? Or alternate ways of scanning books?

Would a flat bed scanner work? Has anybody used those? --

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