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The choice isn't to use the old version or a new version exclusively.  You can use the version you are using now for e-mail and you can use the current version, run as a portable version for general browsing.  I haven't had problems with the current version of Firefox as far as accessibility is concerned.  I assume you know that older versions of browsers are more vulnerable to security exploits that allow malicious sites to download malware and do other things to compromise your machine and steal personal information. 
That's why I am advising that you use a portable current version for general browsing and the 52.x version for e-mail. 
You don't need to join another group to do this.  Many people on the list use portable Firefox and can give you information. 
I'm not saying you shouldn't join the group you are discussing, there's nothing wrong with having more resources if you want them, I'm saying for what I am discussing, you can get all the information you need here. 

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Hi All,

I did a system restore and am back on FF52. Emails could not be read
that I compose, and my signature line could not be read either. I had
to forward tab once to read email in the inbox. So, whatever advances
have been made, benefit me little. I don't know a lot about
configuring computers to work in the manner to which I am accustom.

I understand there is a support group from Texas that deals with
accessibility issues on a more personal level. Does anyone have
contact info for them or such a group or service?

I cannot afford to update if it limits my known capabilities. Thanks!

David Russell

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