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If anyone has a reasonable smart phone, I have to say I was quite impressed with how well some of them can to OCR on documents and books held above them by hand. There is also a little holder made of plastic for many phones with the silly name of the Giraffe, which effectively turns it into a rostrum camera much like the original product the person here had.
Now of course getting the result of the ocr over to the computer is a whole other story, but I'd imagine with Dropbox on the phone and the pc, one could do it fairly easily assuming that this is accessible on both systems. Certainly dropbox on the PC is OK with nvda, he said gently moving the discussion back on topic.
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Ok Sounds good. I do need one scaner that I can use instead of KNFB Reader.
Email me separetly so I can provide you details.
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Hello Michael and others,

The EyePal was/is manufactured by ABiSEE and is sold by FS and other
When I bought mine there were 2 types, a stand-alone version called the
Solo and another type consisting of the camera and separate software to be
installed onto a PC. I have the second type. I know the software was
updated at least to support Windows 7 and that the camera could also be
upgraded. I would be willing to give you the hardware (camera, supporting
arm, USB cables etc.) as well as any documentation I have. You would have
to contact their support department to update the software and info on
modernizing the camera.

*From:* Michael Munn
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Can you email me more detail about this piece of Technology?
II'm interested
I can't afford getting it right now.
Are you Selling them?

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