Re: Calling All Object Navigation Experts!


Hi, Brian V. Once you've object navigated to a control, have you tried
NVDA+shift+m (laptop) or NVDA+numpad-divide (desktop) to bring your
mouse there? At that point hopefully you can do a left click on the
object to activate it, or possibly an object activation command (NVDA
numpad enter on desktop, NVDA enter on laptop).

I'll help in any way I can if that doesn't resolve your difficulties.

On 1/10/19, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
As I am not one, and am trying to determine whether I'm doing something
wrong or if Macrium Reflect is actually inaccessible even though I can get
focus on what is a control for me as a sighted person.

If anyone believes a conversation can be had about this here on the group
I'd be happy to have it.   If anyone wants to offer assistance to me via
NVDA remote, Quick Assist, or TeamViewer, that would be fine, too.

I eventually need to "wrap my head around" object navigation and also be
able to tell whether something is inaccessible or if I've probably made a
bone headed mistake.  Right now I can object navigate to the control I'm
looking to work with, but cannot seem to activate it.


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