Re: Facebook with NVDA


Hi. someone asked about our you tube channel address. We have 3. One is for food reviews, funny, because my husband loves food so much we make a joke out of it. The way he talks about food usually makes it or breaks it for people depending on how he feels so yeah. lOL. It's called food is my mistress and of course it's on you tube.
The second is called batweb gothic reviews and we review anything from action figures to talking toys to sunglasses and other accessories to jewelry even movie analysis and tarot decks, but it's of all things horror or gothic. Like we did a Van Helsing action figure review and a scary singing teddybear from Halloween City, just for examples so if that's not your thing ou wont like that one. Also home decor but more Gothic in style. We tell people we're Seinfeld meets Adams family.
The 3rd is a comedy channel and warning sometimes there is language though not excessive. LOL. it's called Hekyl and Jekyl's show about nothing.
We usually wear wooden sunglasses carved into the shape of raven masks, thus Hekyl and Jekyl but we have our own spelling. LOL.

So we're trying to grow on facebook, and I'm not doing something right because it's difficult to use. A friend said jaws is easier for her to use than NVDA, but I will figure this out and I refuse to cave and deal with jaws. LOL.
I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed.
I get along with the voices inside of my head.

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