Re: FireFox Issues Concluded


That is not the correct domain for Waterfox. Where you actually want to go is


On 1/10/2019 7:53 AM, David Russell wrote:
Hello Brian, Gene and others,

Just to alert, I did a system restore after downloading FF-60.4
because I could not read emails being composed, and navigating the
computer itself required a couple added steps that didn't always work.

I found the email address to Intopia, and resent request for the name
of the accessibility group they had recommended I contact based in
Texas. A Ricky Onsman replied and the group is called

I will phone them as the email address provided did not work.

As to WaterFox, either the domain is for sale, or they
somehow want to verify who is at their site. I got a message saying
something wanted to make changes to my computer. I didn't go along. So
at the moment, am on FF-52 and seeking advisement on where to turn for
a better browser that won't screw things up. Thanks.

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