Re: Calling All Object Navigation Experts!



            I have tried the object navigation command - no dice; NVDA says "No Action."  The control itself is visually presented as a link.  If I use the Report Current Object command (NVDA+NumPad5), it says, "Clone this disc, text, read only."

            I just tried the route mouse to navigator object command, followed by the NVDA left click command and also using the actual left click on my mouse pad, an this works!

            I find it utterly bizarre how NVDA navigates through the pane in question.  I get focus on what is the first control at the top, and use the navigate to next object and there is "no next."  But if I use navigate to previous object it starts going through controls lower down on the page, which is entirely counterintuitive.  Of course, I'm quite sure this is dependent on the code that NVDA is dealing with in Macrium, as opposed to NVDA itself.

             What's even weirder, and this wasn't happening earlier, is that I cannot consistently "object navigate" the Macrium Reflect window.  If I fire up the program after searching for it, then ALT+TAB to the window, NVDA tells me nothing at all once I have focus on it.  If I hit ALT to make focus go to the menus I do get reports on that, but afterward I still can't seem to object navigate to the panes, and I could swear I had done it that way earlier this morning.

              Object Navigation will keep becoming a much bigger deal with time.  I think that the battle to get developers to understand accessibility under this paradigm is going to be a challenge.

               Thank you very much for your assistance.  I'll report back as additional time for experimentation allows.



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