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            I have used Focus Highlight almost since the first day I heard about it.  It makes life infinitely easier for myself or any sighted assistant when someone is using the screen reader.  As has already become obvious just in this topic, "where the screen reader goes next" is very often not at all where a sighted person would think it should based on how a page is visually laid out and would be visually scanned (and traveled) by someone who sees.

Brian G,

            The thing is that "how things have worked" is definitely not how things are going to continue working.  Object navigation as a part of the mix of standard access methods is only going to be on the increase.  Even if everything were 100% accessible, it's not necessarily going to be accessible in the manner than any of us here have traditionally been used to.

            There is nothing so constant as change, and nowhere is change more constant, and often more sweeping, than in the world of computers.


             I've used Golden Cursor, but it's really only useful once you've established what's actually present and where it's present.  As you've also noted, it depends on a window being maximized as this is the only way on a given machine, or another with precisely the same resolution, for the position to be consistent.

             I'm constantly trying to figure out how to do the standard kind of exploring with a screen reader that I do visually.  True independence in using a computer means being able to noodle around to find what you don't already know is there.  And I find it a real battle very often to convince my students that this is a skill they absolutely must develop.  Mind you, if you have a sighted assistant around and it's convenient, I believe in using the quickest method to get a time-constrained job done.  But often that means you're on your own and still have to find stuff, and knowing the mix of skills to do so quickly and efficiently, rather than using brute force approaches, is critical.


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