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As much RAM as you can afford?  There is a mistique about RAM and this illogical statement is part of it, which I see often.  You don't need 12gb, 16gb, 32gb of RAM to use the kinds of programs specified in the message.  For people who use the kinds of programs discussed in the original message, and that's the majority of users who don't use memory intensive programs, the typical standard practice of manufacturers today of including 8gb of RAM is sufficient or more than sufficient. 
What's the point of getting 16gb of RAM if you won't use more than 4 or 6GB?
I also strongly disagree with the SSD specifdication for the uses of the computer specified in the original question.  The person who asked didn't say he would be doing any of the things specified.  I'm not saying not to get a machine with an SSD, Others who know more about what is being sold today can discuss choices further.  I'm not saying not to get a machine with an SSD, I'm saying that if it means spending significantly more for getting a machine that is equivalent in other ways, then the question of whether it is worth getting the SSD is worth the extra money has to be considered.  I never worked with an SSD machine but I doubt that it matters significantly for the programs being specified.  Once they load, they run in RAM.  Documents would load faster in Word, I would think but but that's not what takes time when you use Word.  It's actually writing or editing the document.  Word, for example, wold load faster but aggain, after it is loaded the real time you spend with the program is working with it editing and writing and doing other things where you work with the document 

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I disagree with "needs to have an SSD".  It's nice, but it's not essential. 
It improves startup time for the machine as a whole, and loading time for
applications, but doesn't affect how well applications run once they're loaded.

I agree with "as much RAM as you can afford / will fit".  I'd say that is the
most important aspect of getting a machine to run well.  Also, it's essential
that you have a 64-bit machine and a 64-bit version of Windows, otherwise the
machine simply will not use more than 3Gbytes of RAM no matter how much is

A CPU with several cores will help with running multiple applications - more
so than a particularly fast CPU.

So my list of priorities would be:

1. 64 bit CPU and 64 bit edition of Windows
2. Lots of RAM
3. Multi-core CPU
4. Fast CPU
5. SSD instead of HDD

Hope that helps,


On Friday 11 January 2019 at 11:52:42, Brian K. Lingard wrote:

> Dear Noah & List:
> Your laptop needs SSD not a mechanical hard disk with 8, 16 or 32 GB RAM.
> 32 GB is best if you plan to do video and/or audio editing & recording.
> The PC at your school may have as little as one GB RAM and a slow CPU.
> Hiving the laptop adequate RAM ids, more important that high-performance
> CPU. Look for a laptop with a fast, but not necessarily Intel I8 speed. An
> Intel I55 or six CPU should work fine. You consume CPU cycles a lot if you
> do sound or video editing, recalculate mammoth spreadsheets and run many
> programs concurrently.
> School computers may have as little as one or two GB RRAM and slow CPUs.
> They are also several years old
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> Hi All,
> I will need to get a laptop for school, however the school machines can
> Not run NVDA plus Chrome and Word all at the same time without lagging.
> What I need is a powerful machine that can handle email, office, and web
> Browsing, ETC. without wimping out on me while I am trying to do work. Do
> You have any recommendations for specs or any particular laptops that
> You might recommend.
> Thanks,
> Noah

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