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This doesn't sound to me like a computer power problem.  It sounds to me like the slowness in Word problem that NVDA has and which Joseph Lee says is being worked on now.  Older versions of Word, based on your comments, are likely not to interact with NvDA in ways that either cause this problem or make it as acute as newer versions.  There is no reason why a word processor should take a lot of computer power and Word, any version, should run well on any reasonably adequate Windows 10 machine. 

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Yes, i find 8 gigs OK with a four core processor myself. It was in 2016 a
very good machine, and it still is, but things seem  to have once again gone
up a notch. It has always been my view that the programmers of big bits of
software have not been worrying about the efficiency of their code and we
end up with problems.
 I did try a newer version of word, but it is like paint trying compared to
the old one.
 I'm beginning to think sometimes programmers assume that only their
software will be running!

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With Chrome open, particularly if there are multiple tabs, but even if not,
along with Word on a machine with 4GB RAM, even under Windows 7, one can
expect "less than sprightly" performance.

4GB is the bare, bare minimum with even just a couple of modern programs
running, which expect there to be more RAM breathing room than 4GB provides.


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