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Tiflatechnia is the best, I'm a system admin and they have reset me when appropriate, and very supportive in trying to solve the problem of me using there voices in conjunction with code factory's voices, and code factory hasen't done anything but take my money and run, they seem short staffed and out of touch with there customers, not just in my opinion but others in the past on this list.  In reguards to Tiflatechnia, it would be nice however if as a suggestion on the portable copy they would disable internet license checking, because on a usb stick for work purposes, most of those machines never reach the internet in portible stages.

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The Vocalizer I'm using (not the Codefactory one) worked pretty good. If you're using it on a portable copy, the non Codefactory one is best as it recognizes your USB as a device, I.E portable activation is machine independent. However you need to make sure that it can connect to the internet once in a while, otherwise you'll get a message saying that the license has been disabled.

In terms of tech support, Tiflatechnia gave me very good support; they even increased my activation count a number of times and I'm sure, in an event that one of my activation copy was lost either due to unusable PC or I lose my USB, they will increase my activation count.

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