Re: Slightly OT: Hardware speech synthesizer

Felix G.

thank you for the great advice. TripleTalk USB Mini looks promising.
In any case, I now know the territory a bit more.

Am Fr., 11. Jan. 2019 um 17:23 Uhr schrieb Devin Prater

On modern computers, I don’t see much of a benefit to it, unless you’re using Emacspeak where the hardware DecTalk is still a good experience with it. On older computers, or computers with fussy sound cards, it may be a good experience.

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The real question though is this. Can they be more efficient in real terms than the inbuilt espeak?
I did some tests back in the xp days when I had access to one, and to me at least there was nothing much in it.
Of course the old interface used a serial port on my old computer, so it could well be that this ancient device was a bottleneck.

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Dear Felix & List:

I believe the triple talk synthesizer is still manufactured. So is the Votrax Personal Speech System by the Federal Screw Works.
Brian K. Lingard

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Subject: [nvda] Slightly OT: Hardware speech synthesizer

Hello everyone,
I am thinking of getting a hardware speech synthesizer because I feel it might improve my efficiency by making me independent of existing sound resources on machines. I am aware hardware speech synthesizers are an ancient concept, so I would like to ask around are they still being manufactured for end users. If so, which ones are being produced as I am writing this?
All the best,

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