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Buddy Brannan

I wish tagging worked properly period. I used to be able to tag with @ followed by someone's name, but that doesn't always work now.

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On Jun 11, 2016, at 8:50 PM, Kwork <> wrote:

I wish tagging was more efficient on the mobile site as I like to mention
names from within the post itself, rather than just saying that I am with
so-and-so as my tag. I'll go to the main site for certain things as Buddy
said, but I do use the Mobile site for the most part. Also, if many post to
my timeline on a given day, such as a birthday, the mobile site doesn't show
all the posts, so I have to use the main site to see everything. Thanks for
this article though. I'm bookmarking it for sure.
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As do I. There are some features that are missing on the mobile site, but
most of them are things you won't miss not having.

Buddy Brannan, KB5ELV - Erie, PA
Phone: 814-860-3194
Mobile: 814-431-0962

On Jun 11, 2016, at 7:26 AM, Bhavya shah <> wrote:

I very conveniently and efficiently use Facebook through the mobile
site too with NVDA.

On 6/11/16, Lenron <> wrote:
I normally use the site it seems to work better than
the main page. It's been a while sense I really used Facebook though

On 6/11/16, Semirhage <> wrote:
Ah. Thanks. LOL. IT got stuck for a moment but we're also uploading a

It's done now so I"ll go try it again. Again thanks tons. I'll keep this

something to refer back to.
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