Re: can't select radio buttons in a webpage


This is another of those instances where I'd almost like to throttle the designers of this page.

First, visually, those three radio buttons are not presented as radio buttons, but as a single bar of side-by-side buttons marked by dividers.  Then, when I listen to NVDA, it notes that this is implemented as a table on top of it all, which adds another layer of indirection depending on how the rendering engine works (and it's clearly different between Firefox and Chrome.

These could have easily been implemented and presented as a straight radio button list, which would have made more sense.  That, or make the first level of the decision tree clicking on a button for one of those three things then leading the user to what has to be filled in otherwise afterward.

This is just crappy design, period, when one web object is masked entirely as far as how either someone who sees, or someone who uses a screen reader, would recognize that it's a "pick one of these three" switch (at least in this case).  You figure that out quickly enough when you see how it behaves as you interact with it visually, but it's still a bad design choice.  People know what radio buttons are, or at least anyone who's been using the internet for more than a few weeks knows what radio buttons are.  They're an object as old as dirt, metaphorically speaking, in the world of web coding.


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