Re: Facebook with NVDA


Hi, Brian. One of the best computers I have is a 10 year old Del. He's awesome, stable, and a work horse and not enough Ram room to upgrade to windows 7. Very sad and depressing and I may have to put Vinux on him or something. He had XP but a few months ago his antivirus vanished...not good. We did a cleanout, put it back or tried and all the stuff we cleaned out returned too. Not lovely good. LOL. But yeah, the new keyboards are freakish. This one I'm using is a new Del so Del is doing it too. I just don't get why they have to change everything. Isn't a new windows enough to torment people with without screwing up a perfectly good keyboard? We all know the saying if it's not broke don't fix it...In our Gremlins Fan fiche we are using on to promote our you tube channel I give Stripe a quote that says "If it's not broke, break it..." And I think computer designers, tech software designers, all of them learned from our dearest Gremlin. HAHA.
I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed.
I get along with the voices inside of my head.

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