Request for comments for people using StationPlaylist Studio add-on: should NVDA announce microphone status if NVDA restarts while Studio and microphone are in use?


Hi all,


The following is meant for users of StationPlaylist Studio add-on for NVDA. Any comments about the below proposal should be sent to me privately, via one or more social media channels, or to a dedicated NVDA SPL list (to subscribe to that list, send an email to


SPL Studio add-on for NVDA includes a feature to give you periodic reminder about microphone status, activated when you turn on microphone from Studio. For the most part, it works as designed except when it comes time to reset add-on settings to defaults or under some circumstances after microphone is enabled. I’m happy to announce that these issues will be resolved in an upcoming add-on release. These fixes will also become part of a project to let users revert to saved Studio add-on settings when pressing Control+NVDA+R once, or reset add-on settings to defaults if this command is pressed three times quickly (this will show up in March 2019 at the earliest).


While resolving microphone status announcement bugs, I realized that some of you may run into the following situation:


Suppose you’re broadcasting with Studio and microphone is enabled, and you ask NVDA to give you an audible warning when microphone has been active for a while and/or give you periodic status announcements. Somehow, due to an accident or as requested by add-on update installer, you restart NVDA. If this happens, when you move back to Studio window, NVDA won’t announce microphone status even if you asked NVDA to announce it after a while.


To resolve this, I’m thinking about letting the Studio add-on announce microphone status automatically if you restart NvDA while Studio is in use and microphone is enabled. To avoid causing problems with metadata streaming status announcement at startup, I plan to make it a beep (same beep as microphone active alarm), with an optional braille message in consideration for broadcasters using braille displays. My dilemma is where this should be done: while focused on Studio or from anywhere.




  • Is this feature something you might find yourself using?
  • If microphone status should be announced for the above scenario, where do you think NVDA should announce this: while focusing on Studio for the first time or from anywhere?
  • Should this feature be configurable, and if yes, should this be a global setting or a profile specific setting?


You can send in your comments in four ways:


  1. Writing to me privately. Be sure to include “microphone status at startup” as part of the subject line so I can respond to the correct email.
  2. Twitter: you can either DM (direct message) me or mention me (my handle is @joslee) regarding this proposal.
  3. Facebook: you can directly message me (user name is josephsl).
  4. NVDA SPL list: there exists a dedicated list for broadcasters using Studio add-on. If you want, you can subscribe to it and stay up to date on development happenings about this add-on (subscription address is


I’ll accept comments until end of January so I can go over them in February, and hopefully make a decision in March. If this proposal is accepted, this will show up as part of a stable release (not long-term support version) later in 2019 (not long-term or 18.09.x release because it is about to enter bug fix only mode soon).





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