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Jonathan COHN

I looked a little at the HTML code, and the readio buttons are coded as standard radio buttons and don’t appear to have any strange HTML code. I believe the CSS layout is farily modern without using tables for layout purposes, not that that would effect accessibility by Chrome.


With no screen reader and using Safari on a Macintosh , I believe my wife found it difficult to change between investments and the other two categories of the radio button. I believe there might be a change event listener on the radio button, but I am not great at that level of page debugging. They have certainly done some work to make dialog boxes work correctly for screen readers, so I expect it is an oversight of the developers that the site does not work properly with NVDA and Chrome. I would suggest contacting the bank and tell them you are having some accessibility issues.


Correct keyboard behavior should be:

  1. When focus is on a radio button using arrow keys will select another radio button.
  2. When focus is on a unselected radio button return should select that radio button.

Hope this help!





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Subject: [nvda] can't select radio buttons in a webpage


                                                               Hi friends!

Although the following page is in portuguese, if you press f you will be placed in the first group of radio buttons.

I was trying to select the button whose labe is investimentos. But I couldn’t.

I made this test in schrome.



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