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Jonathan COHN

OK, I reviewed standard radio buttons with no JS attached, and it is space, not return that will cause a focused non-selected radio button to be selected. Note however, that except for use within a screen reader it is fairly difficult to put focus on a radio button without also selecting it. Generally a  radio group has one tab stop and if no item in the tab group is selected when the radio group is tabbed to either the first or last item will receive focus and be selected. Thereafter using arrow keys will move focus and selection to other radio buttons within the group. In any case, generally both space and return when inNVDA browse mode will cause the selected radio button to be selected. Of course, specific event handlers either from boot strap or from the Bank’s JavaScript are preventing standard radio button behavior. I did see a 

data-toggle=”buttons” attribute surrounding the radio buttons. From some quick glances at comments on the web, this is a boot strap process designed to create check boxes that act like radio buttons but can be unselected, but I believe the latest boot strap has also disabled this  type of widget.

Of course the real issue is where is  the bug causing NVDA with Chrome difficult to select a radio button in this style. It the issue is limited to the bank, then I am not concerned. If it is a boot strap issue, then that is more worrisome. Anybody with experience developing boot strap sites feel like coding up a quick example?




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What are you basing your description of radio button function on?  If you are in browse mode, you should be able to press space bar on a radio button on a web site and it will be selected.  This is different than a dialog box, where radio buttons are automatically selected by up or down arrowing through them.  the one you are on is automatically selected.  Return is never used to select a radio button and using return to try to select it may have unwanted consequences such as activating the default button in a dialog, such as the ok button. 


If you are in forms mode on a web site, up and down arrowing should automatically select radio buttons, as in a dialog. 



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I looked a little at the HTML code, and the readio buttons are coded as standard radio buttons and don’t appear to have any strange HTML code. I believe the CSS layout is farily modern without using tables for layout purposes, not that that would effect accessibility by Chrome.


With no screen reader and using Safari on a Macintosh , I believe my wife found it difficult to change between investments and the other two categories of the radio button. I believe there might be a change event listener on the radio button, but I am not great at that level of page debugging. They have certainly done some work to make dialog boxes work correctly for screen readers, so I expect it is an oversight of the developers that the site does not work properly with NVDA and Chrome. I would suggest contacting the bank and tell them you are having some accessibility issues.


Correct keyboard behavior should be:

  1. When focus is on a radio button using arrow keys will select another radio button.
  2. When focus is on a unselected radio button return should select that radio button.

Hope this help!





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                                                               Hi friends!

Although the following page is in portuguese, if you press f you will be placed in the first group of radio buttons.

I was trying to select the button whose labe is investimentos. But I couldn’t.

I made this test in schrome.



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