Re: speaking passwords instead of star

Brian K. Lingard

Dear Giles & List:


Mot sure, if NVDA provides means of reading the asci value of a character, however, if it does, finding out the new character should be simple.

If need be, you can install a demo of JAWS and use it in 40-minute mode to discover the masking characters.

Brian K. Lingard



From: [] On Behalf of Giles Turnbull
Sent: January 11, 2019 9:33 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] speaking passwords instead of star


Hi Brian,

It is just the initial logon screen for Win10. I use a PIN and each number is obfuscated with a character that NVDA describes as a circle, but my old dictionary entry for this circle symbol, ●, to be spoken as "star" has stopped working, which makes me think Microsoft have changed which symbol is being used.

It is not a major issue but I did like to hear that a symbol, be it a circle or an asterisk, had been typed :) I will play around with some of the other bullet / circle symbols in the NVDA dictionary at some point :)



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