Re: Not starting computer

Antony Stone

Firstly, do you really mean that if you press the delete key after that
message appears, nothing else happens? If that is true, I think your only
recourse is to take the machine to a computer hardware repair shop and ask
them to find out what's failed.

If that is not true, and pressing delete does get you into the Bios setup
screen, then the two most likely causes for the machine not starting further
which I can think of are:

1. Bios battery dead; computer has forgotten what disks it has installed and
therefore doesn't try booting from them.

Diagnosis - go into Bios settings and check date / time. If it's correct,
this idea is probably not the correct one. If date / time are incorrect (and
I mean *really* incorrect - by years), then this is likely what's gone wrong.

Solution - replace Bios battery, reconfigure Bios for the disks you have,
restart machine.

2. Hard disk failure; Bios tries to boot disk but disk has become corrupted or
has failed completely.

Diagnosis - boot machine from a USB stick or CD - a live Linux distro would be
good - see whether the hard disk gets detected and whether it can be read.

Alternatively, take the hard disk out, connect it to another machine which can
boot up, and see whether your disk can be read.

Solution - replace or reformat the hard disk and restore your files from
snapshot / backup.

By the way, this is definitely not an NVDA question.



On Monday 14 January 2019 at 11:01:25, farhan israk wrote:

My computer isn't turning on. Computer shows press f1 to continue and
delete to enter setup. But, nothing happens if I press f1 as well as
delete. Now, what can I do?
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