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I have just been sniffing around the Microsoft pages and it seems windows 7 will be no longer supported mid 2020, however just like XP that does not mean it will stop working. I was also dismayed to learn that many builds of Windows 10 are not being supported
Even Office 2010 is going.
I tend to feel with Windows 10 they need to find a better model to follow. It breaks so many things that I moved back out of ten.

If they will not support older 10 series builds with security updates after just about a year or so, it seems a crazy situation to have for the home user to me.

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Isn't there a 32 bit version of Windows 10? What if the machine is a 32bit machine?

Also, what version of Windows is currently being run? You may just have minor annoyances when Microsoft imposes two full upgrades on you a year. Microsoft may slow the schedule down but we don't know if it will, but some people have more annoying problems or even serious ones after an imposed Microsoft upgrade on occasion. So my question is, why do you want to upgrade? If the reason isn't pressing, you might want to leave things as they are.

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1. We don't know what you regard as a "normal Windows 10 user".

2. I would recommend more than 4Gbytes of RAM, and make certain you have 64-
bit Windows.

3. See the thread on this list starting Friday 11th entitled "Minimum Specs
for NVDA with Other Intensive Applications".



On Monday 14 January 2019 at 12:16:38, farhan israk wrote:

I want to upgrade my computer. Is core i3 processor and 4gb ram enough for
normal windows 10 user?
This sentence contains exacly three erors.

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