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OK, then, I have a core Duo laptop still running xp with 2 gigs of memory. It can run say firefox 52 fast.
However a Pentium 4 single core with a similar speed of bus and clock is like a slog loading up Firefox 52, as its been optimised for multi processors.

I seem to recall that 32 bit machines can use 4gigs with advantages, but any more and the use is pointless.
Another thing to watch for on cheap machines is the actual disc size. I've seen tiny, by today's standards, discs in laptops, as small as 120 gigs, and by the time you have all the software and data on them there is hardly any space for doing anything.

My current machine bought at the end of 2015 is a quad core, non multithreaded, unfortunately, with 8 gigs of memory a 256 gig ssd and a 1 terabyte second drive. My mode of operation is to periodically shove less used data onto the hard drive, including all music etc, leaving a healthy amount of ssd for everyday use.

Now nvda is a 32 bit program, and hence has some problems with multitasking I think, which is probably why you do get a core max out at times, since only one thread is running in each core at any given instant in time.
I'm hoping to carry on with this hardware for another couple of years, though whether I can avoid having to use 10 is still in the breeze.
If I cannot I'm in need of a nice easy to use multi account with identities and newsgroups, program.

Does anyone know if OE classic has fixed its access yet?
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I doubt what you are saying is correct. Its true that 32bit Windows is limited in memory access, as you say. But at the same time, 32 bit versions of Windows require far less memory and I very much doubt that Windows 10 is much more, if at all memory intensive than Windows 7 or Windows 8. Memory needs for 32bit Windows are dramatically less than for 64bit. I don't know if this is true, but the limitation may make Windows 10 run less efficiently if a very memory intensive program is being used. But for typical uses, I doubt there is a problem.

All of which may have no bearing on the current situation because the computer may be a 64 bit computer and the version of Windows that may be upgraded to may well be 64bit. But for anyone who has a 32bit computer who is following the thread, I think this point needs further discussion.

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If you have a 32-bit version of Windows (no matter whether the machine's
hardware is 32- or 64-bit) then it will not use more than 3Gbytes of RAM.

This tends to give disappointing performance when running a screenreader
alongside other applications, as well as being a waste of money for the
unusable RAM.


On Monday 14 January 2019 at 12:35:38, Gene wrote:

Isn't there a 32 bit version of Windows 10? What if the machine is a 32bit

Also, what version of Windows is currently being run? You may just have
minor annoyances when Microsoft imposes two full upgrades on you a year.
Microsoft may slow the schedule down but we don't know if it will, but
some people have more annoying problems or even serious ones after an
imposed Microsoft upgrade on occasion. So my question is, why do you want
to upgrade? If the reason isn't pressing, you might want to leave things
as they are.

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From: Antony Stone
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Subject: Re: [nvda] Want to upgrade computer

1. We don't know what you regard as a "normal Windows 10 user".

2. I would recommend more than 4Gbytes of RAM, and make certain you have
64- bit Windows.

3. See the thread on this list starting Friday 11th entitled "Minimum Specs
for NVDA with Other Intensive Applications".



On Monday 14 January 2019 at 12:16:38, farhan israk wrote:
I want to upgrade my computer. Is core i3 processor and 4gb ram enough
for normal windows 10 user?
Normal people think "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".
Engineers think "If it ain't broke, it doesn't have enough features yet".

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