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Sorry, no. Screen Curtain will work on Windows 8 and later, and requires NVDA 2018.2 or later.

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hi joseph.
thanks so much for your great works.
may i ask that which versions of nvda screen curtain supports?
for example: if one day i install windows 7 and screen curtain, can i use my favorit version of nvda (2017.2) with screen curtain?
thanks again for any help, God bless you!

On 1/13/19, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:

A proof of concept is a product that demonstrates an idea. In this
case, NVDA issue 7857 deals with a suggestion to add screen curtain
functionality to NVDA, and this work is being done by a developer in Europe.

The whole idea behind Screen Curtain add-on was to gather feedback
from the NVDA community about this very feature. Based on feedback
from users, this European developer made some changes to this feature
which is slowly taking shape at the moment.

In fact, Screen Curtain isn't the first proof of concept add-on. That
honor belongs to Control Usage Assistant (now discontinued), an add-on
developed by me that added context-sensitive help messages for various
controls. Nor Add-on Updater will be the latest proof of concept
add-on that has graduated to stable release status, nor Windows 10 App
Essentials the only one where the add-on is used to do early field
testing for eventual NVDA pull requests. In case of Add-on Updater, it
is the realization of NVDA issue
3208 (an issue I myself wrote) that advocated adding add-on update
feature to NVDA, and I'm actively working on a pull request to make
that into reality. Regarding Windows 10 App Essentials, one or more
important features from that add-on has just been transferred to NVDA,
and will show up as part of upcoming 2019.1 release (specifically, in
NVDA 2019.1, you won't need Windows 10 App Essentials to benefit from
improved usability of various time pickers in Windows 10; speaking of
features, emoji panel support was originally part of my add-on until
it was transferred to NVDA in 2018.3).

My sincere apologies for my tone.



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are out #AddonRelease

Hi Joseph,

Just exactly what does 'proof of content' mean? I went to the add on
page and it really doesn't say exactly except that it 'addresses core
issue 7857.' What is that issue?

On 1/13/2019 10:56 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi all,

I'm delighted to announce the release of Virtual review 2.4 and Screen
Curtain latest snapshot build (note that Screen Curtain is a proof of
concept add-on). In case of Virtual Review, version 2.4 includes
latest localizations from many language communities.

As always, the new updates are just an update check away (via Add-on
Updater, which itself will get an update very soon).



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