Re: Weird audio stuttering with latestNVDA Update

Pascal Lambert <coccinelle86@...>

Yes, I reported the same after updating to NVDA and Windows latest versions.  My other laptop which is still using NVDA 2017.3 and Win10 version 1803 has no problems.  I am about to use the recovery USB on my Acer laptop as the stuttering starts after every 2 or 3 min of use.  It is very annoying.  I tried everything to no use!




From: [] On Behalf Of Armando Maldonado
Sent: Monday, January 14, 2019 12:34 PM
Subject: [nvda] Weird audio stuttering with latestNVDA Update



just updated to the latest NVDA update and whenever i'm browsing my computer, working online and such, I occasionally get this weird audio stuttering. All realtek drivers are up to date. Prior to updating I did not experience any issues. Has anyone else experienced? Thanks.


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