Re: Disable protection in a word document that you received via e-mail, etc.

Ann Byrne

The keystroke in Word 2013 is alt+f, then i, then e. Hopefully it hasn't changed.

good luck!

At 03:04 AM 6/12/2016, you wrote:
Asking this here since, I know that, for example, if I receive a word document via e-mail, then I won't really be able to edit it, or really review contents, since windows/word marks as it as from a possibly unsafe source, but, for example, when having worked with jaws in the past, I would switch to jaws/virtual mouse cursor, move to one of the top lines of the whole window, and on the right-hand side, there would be something you could click the mouse cursor on, to enable editing.

However, if I switch to screen review cursor in current/latest NVDA, then I don't seem to be able to find that part of the window.

I am guessing that if I used actual physical mouse itself, I might be able to find it, but, was just wondering if there's another way someone can recommend/suggest?

As in, something like either a set of keystrokes, or another method/means to access that hotspot, without having to work with a physical mouse, which I wouldn't even, generally, have plugged into a desktop PC.

And, this is currently working with MS word 2010, but anyway.


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