Re: Cursor navigation broken in HTML messages in Outlook 2010

Marcia Yale

Well, believe it or not, I just shut down both Outlook and NVDA and then restarted both, and the problem has resolved itself. I know I had tried that before and it had not worked, so maybe this new version of NVDA has fixed a problem somewhere. Hopefully it won’t reappear. As for trying an older version, I honestly can’t remember when the problem first appeared.


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Subject: Re: [nvda] Cursor navigation broken in HTML messages in Outlook 2010


Have you gone back to a version where this didn't happen to see if it still doesn't?  At this point, we can't tell if this is an NVDA issue or something else.  You can use an older version as a portable program and keep your current installation for the test. 

When the problem occurs, what happens if you unload and then run NVDA again?  Did you try that before rebooting? 


Also, when this happens, before trying to correct the situation, see if you can go in and out of browse mode in the message.  There may be some problem with the way browse mode works when this happens.



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Subject: [nvda] Cursor navigation broken in HTML messages in Outlook 2010


I am finding that, every so often, and too often, I am suddenly unable to
move line by line in an HTML message in Outlook. The only solution I have
found is to reboot, but this only solves the issue for a while and then it
happens again. I am noticing many more issues like this recently--it would
seem NVDA is becoming less stable under Windows 7. Any ideas would be

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