Re: Weird audio stuttering with latestNVDA Update


Actually, until the story of the bug confirm itself being true or not, I'm good with this NVDA version.
If the bug is something more like anything with some computers and not in general, then I'll update it.

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Em 14/01/2019 18:15, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io escreveu:

Well I was on the RC so I'd expect to get the update, maybe its not being given to others for some reason. Try a manual check and see.

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I would say it's not a good reason why I wouldn't update it.
Actually if I'm not going wrong we saw only about 2 cases reporting this
NVDA strange behavior and none of these gave more details but the report
of the so called bug, which isn't a nice point to start thinking it's
really a bug in the update itself, rather with the computers on this matter.
Anyway, let's see how things are going to go. I still didn't receive any
update for now, so if I receive it I'll consider looking for more cases
like this before updating or not.

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Em 14/01/2019 16:51, Roger Stewart escreveu:
I consider myself very lucky as I didn't get any update to nvda this
morning. If it does show up, I'll cancel out of it until this problem
is fixed.


On 1/14/2019 12:06 PM, Pascal Lambert wrote:

Yes, I reported the same after updating to NVDA and Windows latest
versions.� My other laptop which is still using NVDA 2017.3 and Win10
version 1803 has no problems.� I am about to use the recovery USB on
my Acer laptop as the stuttering starts after every 2 or 3 min of
use.� It is very annoying.� I tried everything to no use!



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*Subject:* [nvda] Weird audio stuttering with latestNVDA Update


just updated to the latest NVDA update and whenever i'm browsing my
computer, working online and such, I occasionally get this weird
audio stuttering. All realtek drivers are up to date. Prior to
updating I did not experience any issues. Has anyone else
experienced? Thanks.


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