John Isige

If it does indeed involve using NVDA, I don't know about anybody else,
but I wish you'd post to the list instead. Or at least link to a guide.
If you're using NVDA for some of it then I'd think that would be topical
and I'd be interested in learning more about it all.

On 1/14/2019 19:27, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

No, actually not. He means video games such as forza and pubg and sea
of theves. I'll gt back to him off list as some of these we can play
with the use of the controlers and nvda, kind of.

Take care

On 14 Jan 2019, at 14:50, Adel Spence wrote:

I think site you are looking for is:

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Thanks for the pointers and the offer of further information.
 Over the years, I’ve dabbled with adventure and strategy
games but what intrigues me is the idea of video gaming –
okay, maybe I should say here that my interpretation of video
gaming is the narrow one of “shoot ‘em up” style of game which
I’m having trouble picturing with speech only! Also, I’m
assuming that this is the type of games referred to earlier as
it’s generally the video aspect of games which is memory and
processor intensive.

I’ll definitely go and look for that accessible gaming site,
though, to see what’s available.

Thanks again.

Richard Bartholomew

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I don't know about mainstream games, but there are quite a
number of games designed for us, which are either self
voicing, or that should work with NVDA.

there is a site that lists most if not all of them, but I
can't remember what it is.

there is also the blind gamers e-mail list at:

where you should be able to get info on just about any
accessible game out there.

have you given any thought to what types of games you would be
interested in?


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Earlier today, I saw a message from someone saying they
were a video gamer and am interested to know what video
games are accessible via NVDA to a totally blind user,
please, as this may be an avenue I’d like to explore.

Thanks for any info.

Richard Bartholomew

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