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David Moore

Yes, I like using the caps lock a lot better, because it is right by where you type and is easy to get to. I even like using the laptop mode with JAWS so much better, because you can use the caps lock with JAWS if it is on the laptop layout.
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If for some reason I have to use a laptop, i use the caps lock key as a
modifier key for NVDA With some of the keyboards on a lap top on some of
them they are so close together and keys like the insert key etc are
hard to find and have to be marked. Even though it may be a full size
keyboard, i am lazy and plug in a wireless full size keyboard where the
keys are spaced nicely and easy to find like normal.

Then set the lap top to desk top keyboard layout.

You can set the modifier keys under the keyboard settings section in
NVDA. You can use the CTRL + the NVDA key + the letter K to go to this
section quickly. Actually I have all 3 picked it does not hurt. But
usually only use the one or 2 of them

By the way if you want to type in capital letters if you use the caps
lock key you must hit it 2 times until you hear it say capslock on and
you must hit it 2 times to turn it off.
Hope this helps.
Gene nz

On 12/06/2016 9:01 PM, Semirhage wrote:
Thank you Gene. So I can always just use capslock for the NVDA key?It
sounds the easiest to reach while messing with other keys. This
computer lap top keyboard is new and none of the keys are where they
should be while they made duplicates of others scattered strangely all
over the board. LOL. No more 6 pack with page up down home and all
that. I miss it. *sniffles* Instead they're scattered all around and
not as easy to find. I actually had to label some of the keys and have
never had to do that before.
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