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I started uploading some of it last night, the page is under construction but the page is up there ready to go.

More will be add in the next night or so it is written up, it just needs some editing and page formatting for the web page. From what I have read from what you want to do it should cover most of it but have not worked out how to do the private chat one yet as I have had no need for it so did not find out how to do it and that is as if you can with a screen reader.

The tutorial is done from a blind user prospective and not a sighted persons prospective.

Hope it will help other users as well a friend of mine just signed up and wanted to know as well so i was putting to gatherĀ  some information for him to use face book as well.

I usually only read some of the articles reply to messages etc now and again or post when there is a release of NVDA or a new tutorial or some thing to go up on the website.

Gene nz

On 12/06/2016 8:38 PM, Semirhage wrote:
Oh Gene that's so exciting to hear because the instructions I've been given here have been confusing me. LOL. I think they're given from the perspective of someone who knows w hat they're doing. LOL. I'm saving all messages and trying to work with them but yeah...confused. So what I want to do on Facebook. 1. scroll through group messages easily. 2. Reply, which usually works, but not sure how to send as I have had mixed success making sending a message work. 3. Finding personal friends I already have to send them messages. 4. Sending private messages that aren't on the wall. Is there a way to do that without going into chat? Don't know how to do it either way so yeah. LOL. 5. Looking at the messages I am notified that I have. Like on my wall or personal it says I have them but when I click it won't navigate through them well if I arrow or even tab so obviously I should be doing something else.
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