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Clare Page <>


I’ve been using TWBlue for a long time, always with NVDA, and both programs work very well together. So updating TWBlue won’t be a problem for any NVDA user, judging from my own experience. I hope this helps!

Bye for now!

From Clare


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Subject: TW BLUE was Re: [nvda] twitter?


Hi Marcio


For several weeks now, TWBlue offers me a new version when I log on.  Do you know if this new version works OK with NVDA - I'm reluctant to upgrade as my current version works so well.





On 16/01/2019 07:31, MariaRosa Chapman wrote:



They should have something on their website or even take the website down. it still appears they have a purchase page.




On 16/01/2019 17:43, marcio via Groups.Io wrote:

Chicken Nugget no longer works due to changes regarding how Twitter deal with authorizing new accounts now.
Try TWBlue, it's what I use and it's quite good for me. I can help you with it if you want.

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Em 16/01/2019 04:24, MariaRosa Chapman escreveu:


was just wondering what people are using for twitter these days? I got a demo of chicken nugget, but when i press add a existing twitter account nothing happens.




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