Re: TW BLUE was Re: [nvda] twitter?

Darren Harris

What’s the latest version of tw blue? I try to update through the app and nothing happens. I’m having a problem with receiving dm’s. they don’t come in at all. Any ideas?


From: <> On Behalf Of Robert Kingett
Sent: 16 January 2019 12:39
Subject: Re: TW BLUE was Re: [nvda] twitter?


I'd suggest updating TW Blue because certain API calls no longer work from Twitter because Twitter has shut them down and did a bunch of other things to put a strangle hold on their API. If you don't update TW Blue I fear you will start to have countless bugs. Also, TW Blue is developed by blind people so it will always remain accessible to NVDA and other screen readers. What I've been trying to figure out, partly for an investigative article and partly because I am curious, is, why window eyes was not released as open source after the company was bought out. Anyway, upgrade your TW Blue.

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